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House Remodeling Ann Arbor
House Remodeling Ann Arbor
House Remodeling Ann Arbor
House Remodeling Ann Arbor

Home Remodeling

Start your dream home today!

Start your dream home today!

A fresh (and expert) perspective on your home’s potential

The hardest space to re-envision is usually the one you live in. This even goes for professional designers! Sometimes clients begin the design conversation by telling us, “I know there’s nothing you can do about this layout…” We prefer to begin with the assumption that there’s not much we can’t do.

Rethinking tired old spaces

Along with our training and experience, we can lend you a fresh set of eyes. In almost every case, we really can improve that layout by:

  • making closed-off living spaces open and relate to one another better
  • reclaiming awkward or unused rooms
  • creating a ground-floor master suite
  • turning a porch space into year-round living space
  • transforming your home’s interior, with finishes and furnishings that support your activities and enhance your mood
  • redesigning your spaces for stress-free entertaining
  • phasing remodeling projects—helping you prioritize, budget, and schedule our work to best suit your needs.

Get ready, because we’ll have a lot of questions for you! We’ll listen closely and design a space that works beautifully, just for you.