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Start your dream home today!

Start your dream home today!


Alpha Design + Build is one of Ann Arbor's premier custom building and remodeling companies. Our designers and project managers work with you to plan the perfect space, and our master carpenters complete the task with care, down to the details that often go unseen.

A fresh (and expert) perspective on your home’s potential

The hardest space to re-envision is usually the one you live in. This even goes for professional designers! Sometimes clients begin the design conversation by telling us, “I know there’s nothing you can do about this layout…” We prefer to begin with the assumption that there’s not much we can’t do.

Rethinking tired old spaces

Along with our training and experience, we can lend you a fresh set of eyes. In almost every case, we really can improve that layout by:

  • making closed-off living spaces open and relate to one another better
  • reclaiming awkward or unused rooms
  • creating a ground-floor master suite
  • turning a porch space into year-round living space
  • transforming your home’s interior, with finishes and furnishings that support your activities and enhance your mood
  • redesigning your spaces for stress-free entertaining
  • phasing remodeling projects—helping you prioritize, budget, and schedule our work to best suit your needs.

Get ready, because we’ll have a lot of questions for you! We’ll listen closely and design a space that works beautifully, just for you.

Kitchen Remodeling


The kitchen has been the center of family life since meals were prepared over an open hearth. Today, families cook, eat, entertain, read, work, plan meals, do homework, and even watch TV in their kitchens, and a well-designed kitchen can make a tremendous difference in the valuable hours we spend at home.

Great kitchens are built on a great design

Whether your kitchen simply needs a new look, or you want to tear the walls down and start over, our interior designers can bring beauty and functionality into this key space. A great kitchen begins with a great plan, and we have the knowledge and access to bring a world of exciting materials and fixtures to your door, while helping you stick to a budget.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling


You begin your busy day, and wind down toward bedtime, in this often-neglected room. A well-designed bathroom can be a calming and organized oasis.

Baths designed for lasting use and aesthetic delight

Your Alpha interior designer will take the same personal and thoughtful approach to your bath as to a kitchen, considering functional needs and universal design as well as aesthetic appeal. A bath that is comfortable for users of many sizes and abilities can also be the loveliest bath on the block. We work with materials from the sumptuous to the budget-conscious to create baths our clients will love for years.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Basement Refinishing

Finished basements that feel like a breath of fresh air

Alpha’s long experience with flood restoration and mold remediation led to the development of our proprietary Dura Dry basement finishing system, with an emphasis on customizable solutions.

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Custom Additions

Add living space without compromising curb appeal

Sometimes a key area of your home has been shortchanged. Perhaps your family has expanded, but your location is still just right. Whether we bump out the laundry room for extra storage, or add a new wing, we’ll make the new and old harmonize with careful attention to rooflines and exterior finishes. You might be surprised how much curb appeal your new addition provides.

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Alpha operates with professionalism, amazing creativitiy, very high integrity, outstanding craftsmanship, and a warm smile. They have become friends

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