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It begins with an exceptional design

Alpha’s professional designers are passionate about what they do. They would probably work for design books and shiny objects if left to their own devices, and Alpha’s design library has begun to colonize nearly every other room of our building. For clients, this translates into a thorough exploration of design possibilities, with multiple layout options whenever possible, and an offering of cutting-edge materials and furnishings for the adventurous client. (We do, however, know how to reign ourselves in). There is no cookie cutter in our design toolbox. Your Alpha designer will work closely with an estimator/project manager to ensure that the design is practicable and fits the budget.

Computer-Aided Design

CAD programs allow us to put design ideas in front of you in 3D. You’ll walk through your remodeled space virtually first, to make sure we’ve realized your vision. Many clients express the difficulty they have in visualizing the remodeled space in their minds. CAD is a solution.

A Showroom at Your Disposal

We’ll wecome you into our showroom several times over the course of the design phase, asking you to consider options that we hope will surprise and delight you. So often we hear, “Oh, I would NEVER have thought of that! I love it!” Those are some of the most satisfying moments in the process. Seeing finish samples and products in person helps ensure that the space will come together as you expect. Our showroom sets us apart–we love the classics, but we constantly seek out new and exciting materials. When you make a design decision, we want you to feel sure that you’ve explored enough.

Detailed Estimates

Estimating is a key part of the design phase. The design is useful only if it meets the client’s budgetary goals and timeline. Our estimates are detailed and specific, the result of careful design documentation. When you receive your estimate, you can rely on us to bring the project to completion for that price. The team member who writes your estimate will be your project manager in the Build phase.

A typical Design phase lasts three to six weeks. The design process closes when a Construction Agreement is signed. The agreement references the drawings, specifications, and estimate that we produced together in the Design phase. Let the Build phase begin!