Basement Remodeling Ann Arbor
Basement Remodeling Ann Arbor
Basement Remodeling Ann Arbor
Basement Remodeling Ann Arbor
Basement Remodeling Ann Arbor

Basement Refinishing

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Finished basements that feel like a breath of fresh air

Alpha’s long experience with flood restoration and mold remediation led to the development of our proprietary Dura Dry basement finishing system, with an emphasis on customizable solutions.

Looking at basements scientifically

A great deal of research related to basement finishing has been undertaken in the past ten years, as it has become increasingly evident that standard drywall and stud systems can fail in basements, leading to Sick Building Syndrome and indoor air problems for many.

Water is the most important factor contributing to the damage and failure of all building systems. Not surprisingly, basements, which are built much like swimming pools in reverse, showcase water’s destructive power quite often.

Even if a basement never floods, small amounts of groundwater entering through cracks, moisture working its way through concrete, and the moisture of condensation collect in conventional insulation, on wood studs, and on the paper in drywall, creating a food source for molds and mildew. These conventional building materials contribute to the familiar musty-basement smell and sometimes lead to more serious air quality issues, especially for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

We can take an aggressive approach to finishing your basement for maximum long-term air quality and comfort, or combine specialty materials with standard ones for a healthy basement within a smaller budget.

A very practical approach

Controlling water and water vapor in your basement is the single most important issue to be addressed in the finishing process. On the other hand, making your basement stand up to the occasional incursion of water is a good idea, too. Sending ruined building materials to the landfill is costly for the homeowner as well as the environment.

Our Dura Dry system addresses the moisture problem from both directions. Our best practices model combines materials that can’t support mold and mildew growth, with great moisture resistance, meaning that if your basement does flood, your building materials can be cleaned and re-used. It’s a win-win, for you and for the planet.

Not a panel in sight

What does a Dura Dry basement look like? It looks exactly like a drywall basement. It just doesn’t smell like one!