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Home Remodeling Gallery

“Remodeling” means something different for every client we serve. Tour some of the our recent home remodeling projects where it meant dramatic transformations from unloved spaces to favorite rooms of the house.

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Kitchen Remodeling Gallery

Whether your kitchen simply needs a refresh or you want to remove barriers and completely rethink the floorplan, or interior designers can help you take a fresh look at what’s possible.

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Baths Remodeling Gallery

Bathrooms should be places of beauty, comfort and functionality. We can create room to relax even in the tightest spaces or create expansive luxurious baths that rival your favorite spa.

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Custom Additions Remodeling Gallery

Home additions must integrate, physically, with the home’s existing frame while blending seamlessly into the architecture, as if there from day one. View our recent home additions, and see if you can tell new from the old.

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Basement Finishing Gallery

A home theater, rec room, office, spa, workshop, gym, wine cellar, playhouse or man cave — your basement can become virtually anything you can dream of.

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